Digital Ambient Control Sensor (DAC)

WIDE’s DAC (Digital Ambient Control) sensor is located at the top of each diagnostic display to monitor ambient lighting within the reading room environment and is critical to ensuring proper DICOM calibration. If significant changes are observed by the DAC, an optional alert can be sent to the QA administrator.

Quick Backlight Luminance Stabilization

WIDE’s on-board luminance correlation sensor, SBC (Self-Brightness Control) continuously monitors to detect any change in backlight luminance and automatically adjusts the backlight to reach its optimum luminance.

IQ Sensor : Self-Calibration Sensor (WIDE Patent Protected)

WIDE’s patented built-in IQ Sensor®, combined with bundled network calibration software, automatically calibrates the diagnostic display to the DICOM 3.14 standard. Along with being hands free, auto DICOM Calibration, the IQ Sensor® utilizes advanced sensor technology for increased accuracy and enhanced sensitivity.